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Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process, focusing on surface errors such as misspellings and mistakes in grammar and punctuation.
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Online catalogues

ITMatchOnline, a Business to Business outsourcing portal has a number of members who can create eye-catching digital catalogue designed in all sizes, from as small as 2 pages to as large as 250 pages or more. Catalogues offer a wealth of information for both company sales people and their customers alike.They can be bound in many different ways, from staples to three ring binders, depending on the amount of flexibility the catalogue will need for future updates.Catalogs using staples or perfect binding (like a magazine) will need to be reprinted, while those designed for binders can easily have single sheets added or removed.

Types of cataloguesITMatchOnline members can edit for you are:

Product Catalogues Service Catalogues
Product Photographs Representative Image
Technical Specifications Technical Description
Sketches or plans Additional Benefits
Accessories photographs Period
Price Rate
Product Identification Service identification number

Products can be digitally photographed in-house photography studio of clients and Images can be supplied which can be manipulated by members for optimal appearance. Computer and hand illustrations or 3D models can be created by the members to show new product, inaccessible equipment or cutaway product and equipment features. Copywriting and extensive proofreading are also available to help make your catalogue outstanding.

ITMatchOnline members have specialized in creating e-catalogues which are interactive, containing additional information, easily updatable and aimed to be in reach of every one on the internet through website. E-catalogues should be considered as complements. Developing an e-catalogue is highly necessary nowadays, since if a company is not present on the Internet, it is practically unknown.

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Thanks a ton for getting the drawings back so fast!- The details you have been drawing are very good. I am very happy with your work.

- Jeffrey Lewis